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i got shivers when you touch away i''ll make you hot get all you got i''ll make you wanna say i got fever running like a fire for you i will go all the way i wanna take you higher i keep it steady uh steady that''s how i feel it this beat is heavy so heavy you gonna feel it you are the reason that i breathe you are the reason that i still believe you are my destiny jai hoooo oooo oooo oooo uuuuu no there is nothing that can stop us nothing can ever come between us so come and dance with me jai hoooooo catch me catch me catch me c''mon catch me i want you now i know you can save me come and save me i need you now i am yours forever yes forever i will follow anywhere in anyway never gonna let go escape away i''ll take you to a place this fantasy of you and me i''ll never lose my chance yeah jai ho yeaaaaaah jai ho i can feel you rushing through my veins there''s an notion in my heart i will never be the same just keep it burnin yeah baby just keep it comin you''re
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Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) A R Rahman and The Pussy Cat Dolls 18573